There’s No Team In ‘I’ …

“NO” – A Small Word But A Big Meaning! 

It’s Thursday the last day of June, and I’m only 36 hours from my date with destiny. The palms are sweaty, the voice is beginning to tremble, and my train of thought is increasingly finding its way back to 4am this upcoming Saturday morning. 

What’s Dave up to? Maybe it’s an operation, maybe an aeroplane flight, or could it be something completely different? Anyone who guessed a volunteering job at the Gold Coast Marathon, take a bow! 

I was asked a few weeks ago if I would mind helping out “Of course” I replied thinking that I could just play second fiddle – the back up guy for the person assigned to be with me on our street corner – stopping cars and pedestrians going through the barriers out onto the course. WRONG! I find out there is no team, it’s one person to a corner!

After many quivering questions, which went something like: “You mean we’re on our own?! What if some big burley guy with a ‘Saturday morning load of cement’ bargains with me to get through? How’s the Yes Man, the guy who simply can’t say no going to cope? Will I end up in a tearful slump, freezing on a piece of icy grass, playing peek-a-boo through my fingers to see when the event is over?” 

I also have the unwanted title of being an almost 50 year old, and when I’ve gotta go, I’ve gotta go – you know what I mean? 

So in summing up, if you see an old dude around Paradise Point hopping from foot to foot and knee knocking, don’t panic, it’s all in a day of volunteering!

Until next month, please stay your side of the barriers!

By Big Dave (Tamborine Mountain Foodworks)