Celebrating 30 Years Of Crafting

Original members
Original members Bev, Judith, Molly, & Jennie cut the cake

Southside Spinners, Weavers & Dyers Enjoy 30th Anniversary Reunion @ Logan Village …

The Southside Spinners, Weavers and Dyers Group held their 30th Anniversary Reunion at Logan Village on Tuesday 4th April. Past and present members enjoyed the food and each other’s company. On display were examples of their own craft and heirloom pieces made by family members.
There were as many stories as there were people in the room, but here is a just a few. One member, ninety-year-old Hans, was taught to spin by his grandmother in Germany eighty years ago and took it up again when spinning became popular. Hans and his wife Nola have had a craft shop and taught various fibre crafts over the years.

Hans & Nola
Hans (spinning for eighty years) with his wife Nola

Another member, Gay, does eco dyeing, using plants from her garden. She began what she calls her “lifetime obsession” with spinning, weaving and dyeing when she went to sign up for a local pottery course in 1976. The class was full, so she joined a weaving course instead. Gay also knits and collects examples of various kinds of weaving. But she says, it is the friendships and support she has found in the group that is the best part.

Gay & eco dyeing
Gay with an example of eco dyeing
Anne with rug she crocheted
Anne with a rug she crocheted

Margaret, a knitter, joined the group ten years ago. Since then, she has contributed beanies knitted from hand spun wool to the Alice Springs Beanie Festival. (If you haven’t heard of the festival, it’s worth a look at their website for fascinating beanies).

Rhonda & Marg
Rhonda & Marg with an inkle loom & spinning wheel

If you have ever thought that crafts like spinning and weaving have died out in our technology focused age, you are mistaken! Crafts of all kinds are alive and well and adapting to our changing interests.
By Susan Alexander (Reporter)