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Welcome To The Edition For July 2022 …

Hello again dear readers of the Logan Village and Yarrabilba Bulletin , it’s now the end of June and the first part of winter ( well QLD winter) has passed us by , I must admit as I get older I do tend to feel the cold more and more , but give me a good old Qld winter anytime over the other states.

Sorry to hear that Kerri and her family have had Covid, it seems to be hitting everywhere, I am sure we all know family, friends or workmates who have now had Covid, as long as you are not too ill the more who have it the sooner it will subside.

Lions News

Club Events Of Previous Month:

  • Sat 11th June Lions incoming officers training day, all who attended said it was very worthwhile and they all learned what they need, to undertake their positions.
  • Sun 12th June Fundraising day for the 2022 Variety Bush Bash, held at the Hop & Pickle Southbank, it was well attended and lots of fun was had and money raised for the clubs car 104 and Variety Bush Bash.
  • Sat 18th June Sausage Sizzle at Woollies Logan Village a quieter day than normal, but still raised some good funds for Community Projects.
  • Sun 19th June Sausage Sizzle at Bunnings Bethania, a very good day, we sold over 6oo sausages and lots of drinks. I was on the 11:00 -15:00 shift and we were flat out most of the time, so a good fundraiser.

Club News:

  • Our new committee start on 1/7/22 and the major positions are

Club President Lion Phil Notaro

Club Vice President Lion Leonie Slender

Club Secretary Lion Euan Stevens

Club Treasurer Lion Tim Moyes (continuing)

Club Membership Director Lion Steve Annels

We wish the new executive all the best for the coming year and look forward to some new and fresh ideas for the club and our Lions District, with the incoming District Governor Lion Ian Bruning and his cabinet team, we look forward to a club visit.

  • Some sad news, in the last issue we noted that past club member Lion Robyn Taubert had gone into palliative care, unfortunately she has since passed away, the club passes on its condolences to Lion Stephen and his family.
  • I am happy to say that the Lions Mints supplier now has the new machine in place and running along nicely and we have received our back order from November 2021, so all your favourite Lions lollies will be at your local outlet. If you know of a suitable outlet , i.e.: one that has a lot of public access , does not have existing confectionery vending machines and has community minded owners , we would be pleased to follow up and hopefully have our lollies and small fruit cakes in place for you to enjoy. Please contact myself on 0421 908 369

Calling Car 1104 – 2022 Variety Bush Bash:

The Bush Bash commences this year on the 29th August and runs until 7th September and the route is from Winton to Yeppoon via Birdsville a very interesting route with lots of little towns and settlements on the way.

The club is registered for the run and our crew are ready for the off, hopefully this year with some nice dry weather and dry roads, not mud holes!!! To negotiate day after day.

The 2022 crew are:

Lion Bob Downs Senior Lion and Chief Mechanic (lots of experience from last year)

Lion Kaye Downs Club Historian and chief scribe for the car along with photography duties

Lion Peter Boyd Sponsorship co-ordinator and club bash convenor

Lion Leonie Slender Media lion and crew captain (doing anything and everything)

Our faithful car “DV” has been carefully maintained by Bob, no cowboys have been allowed near it!! And she has been fitted out with any requirements that were found lacking in 2021 for personal comfort and reliability, so “DV” is champing at the bit to hit the bitumen again.

We have some of our great sponsors from last year on board again this year, a BIG THANK YOU to them all for supporting us again, but we still have room for more sponsorship with decals on the car or to just assist us in fitting out and provisioning the car for the bash.

If you or anybody you know would like to sponsor us or to just help with funding or provision of goods we would love to hear from you , please contact Lion Peter Boyd on 0413 737 730 who will be happy to talk to you and arrange matters.

Costs will be high this year, as we are all experiencing, and fuel will be a big expense, but hopefully will be available throughout the route, Variety will be ensuring all teams have access to fuel supplies even if it involves a bit of travelling, so any contributions to car 1104 funding no matter how large or small will be greatly appreciated.

For those of you who are new readers to the Bulletin I will update you on our Bush Bash car 1104

She is a 1984 Holden Statesman Deville (nickname DV for Deville) that was donated to us as a paddock car, not a happy picture and not in good condition, a team of Lions brought her back to life with lots of hard work and lots of donations from suppliers and friends of the club and apart from a few fuel problems on the trip she ran well for a 37yo rescue car. , until she expired with transmission problems on the way home after the finish of the Bash, delivered back from Gympie on a RACQ flatbed truck.

The Variety Club is a worldwide organisation that raises money for needy and disadvantaged children living or schooling in deprived situations, the Bush Bash is one of its key fundraising events and is held throughout Australia. During the bash, Variety will hold events at schools or community centres and hand out toys, school requirements or anything else that is required to the children and/or community, it is a very moving sight our crew from last year informed us .Last year Varity raised over $1m on the Qld Bush Bash and some of that will be distributed during this year’s bash.

Let’s hope this year even more money can be raised by Variety on the QLD Bush Bash, as with all the weather events and the general economy situation, I am sure there will be more needy children than last year, so as you see the Variety Bush Bash is a very worthwhile event, any contributions that you can make, you can be assured will be well used to help those children in need.

Just to confirm any enquiries re sponsorship and /or donations etc. for Car 1104 and the Variety Bush Bash 2022 please contact Lion Peter Boyd on 0413 737 730 in the first instance.

So as Lions head into our 2022/23 year we look back on what we have achieved in the past year. our biggest achievement was assisting in the local flood situations working with the Logan City Council and State Government Agencies, Lion Phil Notaro did an outstanding job along with other Lions and those volunteers from other agencies and we must thank the public for the fantastic donations we received for flood victims, this was all spent on the requirements individual families had within the local community.

Lion Euan did a fantastic job as Zone Chair for Zone 7 and for his work in QI 201 Cabinet, he is carrying on this erstwhile work with his new duties in cabinet in 2022/23.

The club has done a fantastic job in attending Sausage Sizzles and raising lots of smiles as well as funds and for other projects that we have carried out over the year, thank you all Lions for a” JOB WELL DONE” especially given the Covid restrictions and the weather events we had to endure this past year, Lions are versatile and flexible when required.

Well dear readers that is it for this issue of What’s on in the Lions Den , I hope it has been interesting reading and you have been informed on what your local Lions Club is doing , we are there when needed and always willing to help wherever we can.

Please keep safe and well , avoid those nasty bugs that are doing the rounds at present and remember to always drive safely , our road toll is edging up , don’t be a statistic.

Finally please keep your thoughts with our fellow Lions in Ukraine and the poor people that are suffering there from the unprovoked and unlawful invasion by Putin’s Russia.

Yours in Lions

Lion Trevor Nunn (Media Liaison Officer) 0421 908 369

Lions Club of Logan Village Inc.

Calendar of Events July/August:

  • Sat July 2nd Sausage Sizzle Woollies Logan Village
  • Sat 2nd July Club Changeover Dinner at Community Hall
  • Sat July 9th Sausage Sizzle Bunnings Bethania
  • Fri 15th July Bingo Night Fundraiser for Mustangs Football Club at Community Hall
  • Sat Aug 9th Karma Keg fundraiser for Variety Bush Bash at Bourbon St venue.

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