Christmas Hacks For The Family

Avoid The Post-Holiday Financial Blues

Merry Xmas text with cookies in the red background

For many of us the end of year is a time for celebration, holidays and getting together with family and friends. Unfortunately, it can also be a time when we have extra costs and higher than usual bills.

YFS Financial Counsellor Darren says, “We usually see a spike in clients calling YFS with financial difficulties in the new year when post-Christmas bills come in. As well as the additional cost of spending on Christmas gifts, food and activities, electricity bills are often higher over the Summer months, especially when children are home during the holidays and family and friends come to visit. And then there are back to school costs for many of us.”

Darren Has These Hacks To Help Avoid The Post-Holiday Financial Blues:
Instead of spending big on buying expensive gifts, can you bake something or make a handmade gift? Or give a homemade gift voucher for a service such as childcare or pet sitting, a car wash, gardening or home maintenance? Can you provide a free lesson in something you’re skilled at like guitar lessons, photography, computer skills?

Buy second hand or recycled – it’s not only good for your budget, it’s good for the environment!

Look for free Christmas events in your area for affordable entertainment – check out Logan City Council’s events and activities on their website.

Avoid Bill Shock
Save on your grocery bill by shopping at discount supermarkets such as Lighthouse Care where you can get a trolley of essential food for $25 plus discounted groceries. Check out their website for details

Look for tips to save money on your energy bills to avoid getting a shock when the bill comes in. For example, use fans instead of air conditioners, close windows and blinds/curtains during the day to keep the heat out.
Buy Now, Pay Later services can be convenient, but it can be hard to juggle repayments with other financial commitments. Darren says avoid Buy Now, Pay Later if you can, but if you do use them, stick to a limit and try to avoid late or missed payments as the late fees can quickly add up.

Get Help
Check out the Emergency Relief list of providers on the YFS website.
Many of these services provide Christmas hampers for those in need, you will need to register your interest with them now.

If you’re having difficulty paying your bills or paying off debt, contact a financial counsellor for free advice and support. YFS financial counsellors are at Beaucare in Beaudesert every Friday. Call 3826 1500 for more information.