The Most Inspiring People

Humbly Recognised By Holidays…

Christmas seems like the perfect time to tell you about my favourite inspiring person. As a child I loved Christmas stories of angels, shepherds in fields, wise men following a star, and a special baby. The family, food and presents part of Christmas was nice, but I always felt something was missing. Then a friend told me I was missing the central figure, Jesus himself. Not a baby, but a grown-up Jesus, who had died and was now alive! He called me to follow him in the greatest adventure, a life of faith. I’ve never been the same, and believe me, that’s a good thing!

What do you know about Jesus? You might know facts about his life, but do you really know him? Consider this. His birth was so significant it split history. His death so momentous that it is still recognised by a holiday, Good Friday, and his resurrection by what we call Easter Sunday. Whatever you celebrate on those days, that is the reason for the holidays.

But what makes Jesus inspiring? He was compassionate and kind, wise and generous. He healed the sick and gave comfort to the bereaved. He welcomed outcasts and gave dignity to those who were put down. He criticised proud religious people yet was so gentle and friendly that children ran to him. In my view there is simply no one like him. But there should be. Christians are supposed to be like Jesus.

Jesus lived a life that was completely unselfish, and he inspires others to do the same. People like Irene Gleeson, a grandmother from Sydney who moved to northern Uganda in 1992. There she gathered children affected by war and began to feed and teach them. Despite many hardships Irene helped thousands of children achieve their potential and her work continues today, years after her death. Irene did it all because she loved Jesus. It is not a weak choice, to follow him. Irene Gleeson wasn’t weak, but she relied continually on God’s support to do extraordinary things. That inspires me.

By Susan Alexander Inspirational Writer