Anzac Day Service Of Reflection At YSSC

Anzac Day Service At YSSC
Anzac Day Service At YSSC

Reflecting On What The Service Means

School Captains from Yarrabilba State Secondary College reflect on what ANZAC Day means to them:

Summer Wilkes
ANZAC Day is a day when we acknowledge and pay our respects for the young soldiers who made the ultimate sacrifice. For the many of us these heroes include our ancestors and relatives. We show our thanks to the current Australians who fight for our country every day. They embody the legacy the ANZACS have left even years on.

Dester Taase
Anzac Day is the day, that reminds us of those special and faithful soldiers that fought to keep our freedom. Still to this day, we still give them our respect and thanks, to congratulate them for the ultimate sacrifice they made for us. We will remember them. Lest we forget.

Levi Woolley
ANZAC Day is important to me because of the young/old soldiers that fought for our country, sacrificing their lives for ours. I acknowledge the soldiers that have fought and made the sacrifices for their country and people as they have made this present day a better place. The day attributes and symbolises our value “courage“ – to show bravery and always stand up to your fears.
We will remember them, LEST WE FORGET