Sharing Our History!

Wonderful Way Of Adding To Family Trees …

Do you have an interest in your family history but have always restricted your research to a DIY model? I know that many people do. 

We can find so much information online these days that we sometimes miss the joy of collaboration, of learning from others, and of socialising with others as we pursue our families’ trails into the past. It is best to start following these trails as soon as possible, before we lose our guides to the past: our parents, grandparents, and, if we are very fortunate, our great grandparents.

Cousins often have a different perspective on our shared past. Getting together with them, and sharing stories, letters and photos is a wonderful way of adding to our family tree.

No matter how soon we start there will come a point when the trail becomes difficult to follow. The track becomes faded and hidden in the undergrowth of time the further it wends its way into the past. Our Logan River Family History members really enjoy getting together and helping each other as we attempt to break down the inevitable “locked gate” or “impassable swamp” in our research.

In October, some of our members attended “Sands of Time”, the local and family history state conference, which was held at the Redcliffe Leagues Club. To promote our society, we set up a display table at the History Fair and this gave us a chance to speak to many other like-minded people about the joys and trials of genealogy.

In addition, we were able to attend some interesting presentations by knowledgeable historians and genealogists. We listened to diverse subjects about Moreton Bay convicts, research methodology, DNA testing and much else. These experts in their fields helped us extend our knowledge and skills.

One of the serendipitous moments of the weekend was when a visitor approached us and said that he had a large, framed portrait of a World War 1 Beenleigh Soldier, who wasn’t from his family, and eventually handed it over to us. We believe the soldier in the photo is William ZORNIG. We would like to restore William to his family, so please contact us if you think he may be among your ancestors. Otherwise, we may keep the portrait as part of our collection.

Rob, Dianna, and Graham at ‘Sands of Time’ - family history state conference
Rob, Dianna, and Graham at ‘Sands of Time’ – family history state conference
Cpl William ZORNIG
Cpl William ZORNIG

So, you see, genealogy is enjoyed best when we get together and share our experiences, our skills and our friendship with others.

See you next month, Rob Thomson (President) 

Logan River Family History Inc