Bringing Joy To Displaced Kids & Their Families

Defenders for Hope Host Christmas Lunch Appeal …

We are inviting you to our Christmas Lunch Appeal on the 6th December 2022 @ Jimboomba Tavern.

Lots of fun to be had on the day! A ‘vintage’ fashion parade with items from our op-shops, and lots of raffles.

Last year we provided over 200 children with presents in our local area. This year we have 6 shelters, DFH families and will be holding the Foster Care Christmas Party once again with Logan City Council, with a focus on providing newborn to 18-year-olds with Christmas presents in shelters and foster care. The money raised from this Christmas Appeal will go towards supporting those families in our community.

Imagine a child arriving on your door with their backpack and a present hidden away for them to open in the morning and the joy that child will feel to enjoy the moment like so many others or the parent who is living in a domestic violence shelter who is too scared to leave to purchase something special for their own child or feels bad for the kids not receiving a present and returns to their violent home life.

Receiving a simple Christmas present can bring so much joy and happiness, but also reduce stress and anxiety for those supporting our kids and families who are displaced at Christmas time. 

Go to for tickets. We would love you to join us in giving the gift of hope this Christmas.