“Every Crook And Granny!”

Village Green Theatre Group’s Hilarious New Play

When three senior female software creators are kicked out of Muffet Communications by a misogynist male CEO, it starts Australia on a new and radical (not to mention hysterical) path.  The three are quite prepared to go fairly quietly, but they take with them an ace with which they have some fun and exact retribution on the banking industry for its many sins. 

So they set up a book club to hide their real activities and they choose The Wild Tomato, an ailing tea-room, as their meeting place deciding a tearoom should provide a perfect cover.  The Wild Tomato Tea Room owners welcome them warmly, because being a book club they’ll provide good cover for a small marijuana operation, that the tearoom has going.

A mis-overheard conversation convinces the tearoom operators that the book club is a front for a large-scale marijuana gang and that the members are drug-lords.  But when a nosey local journalist starts asking questions, the frightened tearoom ladies say the book club is really a front for a new political party – made up entirely of grannies! 

The idea escalates and soon Australia has the Grannies Only Party (GOP) in full flight.  With hilarious campaign promises it sweeps to power and the journalist self-elevates to Prime Minister.

With three grannies in the book club giving the banks a hiding, two grannies running the Wild Tomato Tea Room, selling pot on the side and hundreds of grannies running the country, every Crook an Granny is a grey-power at its finest. 

The Cast:

Granny Hood played by Deborah Houston – Wild Tomato Tea Rooms Owner

Cocoa Lamonde played by Nicolette McMahon – Wild Tomato Tea Rooms Owner

Azalea Pringle played by Diana Gogulski – one of the three software creators kicked out of Muffet Communications

Rhonda Smothers played by Sandra Koehler – one of the three software creators kicked out of Muffet Communications

Pippa Fessant played by Tiffany Kopp – one of the three software creators kicked out of Muffet Communications

Julia Strudthorpe played by Jo Connolly – Local Journalist

Tony Briggs played by Mark Reynolds – TV News Anchor

Tickets available online at villagegreentheatregroup.com.au or call 0438 815 431