Ensuring Road Safety

Awareness Of Current Laws For E Scooters …

Keeping everyone including our children safe on the roads is a very high priority for Logan Village Yarrabilba Police. Not everyone knows that there are rules when it comes to riding scooters. We want to make everyone aware of the current laws for e scooters to ensure yours and other road users safety.

Yarrabilba has recently been tragically reminded that e scooters are not toys and require the respect that vehicles and bikes do when it comes to road safety.  

Children under 11 cannot use personal mobility devices / E Scooters. 12-15 year old children can use them under adult supervision.  They are designed for 16 years and over. 

HELMETS: A helmet must be worn and fastened properly. This may save your life if you are hit or fall off your e-scooter.  You may be fined by police for not wearing a helmet. 

LIGHTS: If riding at night, you must have a white front light and reflector at the rear. 

WHERE YOU CAN RIDE: Ride on the footpath keeping as far to the left as possible and be careful around pedestrians and families walking. You can ride on local streets, not busy roads but you need to stay as far to the left as possible and obey road rules such as stop signs and traffic lights. Always park your scooter out of the way. Of course you can ride at home. Most shopping centres don’t allow e-scooters to be ridden on the premises. 

DOUBLING: You are not allowed to double, it’s against the law. 

SPEEDING: Always ride at a safe speed that you can handle on the e scooter and never go over 25km/h. 

MOBILE PHONES: Never use your phone while you are riding your e-scooter. It’s distracting and could cost you over $1000 in fines. 

ALCOHOL: Do not ride your e-scooter if you are effected by alcohol or drugs of any kind. Over one third of people seriously injured on an e scooter were affected by alcohol. 

You can’t tow anything with your e-scooter, nor can you be towed by anything whilst on your e-scooter. Always give way to pedestrians, use a bell if you have one. 

QPS is running a current campaign in Brisbane CBD targeting scooters, electric scooters and personal mobility devices. In a couple of weeks 138 Infringement notices were handed out. 

  • 80 for not wearing a helmet 
  • 52 for exceed speed 
  • 1 for using a mobile phone while driving – yes that is the same for a scooter or bike as it is for a vehicle

We hope this helps you to ride safe and have fun!  

Lu (Luciano) ROSSI with Police Dog Cluedo
Lu (Luciano) ROSSI with Police Dog Cluedo

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