Albi, A Friend to All!

Students Are Calmer And More Settled …

Cedar Creek State School was born out of its environment, 148 years ago. The local farming community had a need for their children to be educated, and so the school began in 1874. It still suits its environment today, a school that is close to nature, on the banks of the Albert River, in a semi-rural community. So, it is fitting that the school’s companion dog was born on a farm in Tamborine and named for the Albert River.

Albi, a young boxer-cross, is a friend to the staff, students, and their families.  Even the little pre-school kids know Albi and can look forward to starting school with him there. Mike Meier, school principal, says Albi has a calming influence on students. Albi visits every class every day with Mr Meier, and he can spend a session with a particular class. Albi helps the students, and they help him by playing ball with him at break time to work off energy. Albi also sits quietly with children in sick bay and seems to sense their needs. Mr Meier says the students have been calmer and more settled since Albi came.  

According to Assistance Dogs Australia, dogs in school can give emotional support, recognise anxiety in students, and help improve their concentration and communication skills. Dogs can also help to reduce anti-social behaviour and bullying in schools (  

Albi is not the only animal at Cedar Creek. The school also has guinea pigs and chickens, and last term even had ponies for several weeks. The students go on a roster to feed and care for the animals, learning valuable skills in the process.  

Principal Mike Meier and students with Albi at Cedar Creek State School
Principal Mike Meier and students with Albi at Cedar Creek State School

How’s that for inspiring!

By Susan Alexander (Inspirational Writer)