Pastor’s Pen – June 2022

Second Chance …

Change Isn’t Change Until Its Changed!

Recently my wife and I began something new – we founded a charity to develop our community and create opportunity to connect with others and reach those who need help. The purpose is to help people up from their situations and lead them to fulfil their dreams and let them know they are not alone.

Our purpose is to assist an individual reach their potential, to dream and see themselves with value. 

We want to build and develop our community. Our community isn’t a suburb, it’s the people living and working within our area. We love this region and want to see it grow and develop. We want good things to happen. If nobody does anything, nothing will happen. We always say change isn’t change until its changed! 

We operate an op shop, a place of second or even third chances! A place where you can come to shop, a place to talk, a place to connect! We have a couch, and we have coffee. We also have two ears, so we are great at listening. You are welcome as you are, and we give no judgement. We have a range of things we do in our little building and look forward to the potential of what has begun.

We started a vision for this region and this charity exists for our community.

Op shops exist to present an individual who looks for an opportunity to bring new purpose to an item of clothing that the previous owner has outgrown or no longer needs. In similar ways, we believe just like every piece of clothing that there is an opportunity that if an item is given and it’s taken purpose, it can be relived. Every person has purpose. Sometimes, the struggles of life can distort that purpose or even steal it.

A hundred dollar note has value because of a few reasons. The first is the government gives it value, as legal tender to its valued amount. It has value because we believe it can be used as $100. If we take the note and run it through mud or even our washing machine, the rubbish for weeks, scrunch it up, stand on it, punch it, do all kinds of things to it – it still doesn’t change the value put on it. We see the value of the note regardless of what has been done to it.

We see people this same way. You have value and no matter what has been done to you or what you have been through – it doesn’t change your value. We believe that before you were even conceived you had value because your creator instilled value within you. He gave you a purpose together with giftings and talents that no person can take away.

The one who creates determines the value of their creation. Just because someone doesn’t see your value doesn’t mean you don’t have any. My wife and I want people to see their value and we want people to know they have a purpose on this earth, and it isn’t just to exist. Your creator loves you and has placed a value on you that cannot be taken away no matter what you go through and no matter what another person says.

We want to help people discover their purpose and we want to help people move forward and help them walk in their fullness.

Building strong and healthy communities isn’t about building them large and it’s not about infrastructure. The strength of a community is in the people understanding and operating in their purpose within their community.

You have value. We want you to know that even when no one can see it and when you don’t believe, there is always one who still sees it. He loves you and He desires you to know Him. 

If you would like to talk about your value and purpose, we welcome you to come and have a coffee with us. We would love to meet you at 5FOLD, located at 23 Shaw Street, Yarrabilba. 

Peter Hartley

Senior Pastor, Dunamis Church