Feeling Safe In City Of Logan

Key Safe City Survey Findings Released

City Lifestyle Chair, Councillor Laurie Koranski (centre) discusses the results of the
2022 Logan Safe City Survey with Acting Inspector Warren Parker and Detective Senior Sergeant Glen Antonie

“Young people in the City of Logan have a sense of security in their neighbourhood.” 

This view was expressed by all residents under 35-years-old who took part in the 2022 Logan Safe City Survey.

The survey outcomes form part of the quarterly report for the Safe City Strategy and Action Plan 2021-2025, endorsed by Logan City Council today. The quarterly report also highlighted recent community-based safety and crime prevention initiatives that have been delivered in the City of Logan. The Safe City survey was co-ordinated by an independent research firm on Council’s behalf.

City Lifestyle Chair, Councillor Laurie Koranski, said the findings would help Council better understand how residents felt about safety and crime.

“Most people’s perceptions of safety are influenced by their day-to-day experiences and observations at home and when out and about,” Cr Koranski said. “The aim of the survey was to find out how they feel in different situations or places and give us a clear idea about their crime perceptions and feelings of safety.

“Without community feedback, we only have Queensland Police Service crime statistics about reported offences, and while these are extremely helpful, they do not address unreported crime or safety concerns.”

There are now more than 1100 safety camera feeds operating throughout the city, providing valuable data to assist the police detect and apprehend offenders.

The Survey Revealed:

• 52 per cent of respondents felt the cameras increased safety when out in the city

• 92 per cent felt safe at home by themselves during the day and 81 per cent felt safe while home at night

• 89 per cent felt safe when out alone in their neighbourhood during the day

Survey findings will help Council plan community safety and crime prevention activities for the next year.

Key findings from the 2022 Logan Safe City Survey are available via Logan Safe City Survey – Logan City Council

More information is available by calling 3412 4608 or emailing safecity@logan.qld.gov.au