Audience ‘Revolted’ With Laughter

Next Production: “Every Crook and Granny

Village Green Theatre Group completed their season of “The Old People are Revolting” on 28th May with audiences thoroughly enjoying the show. There was much laughter and lots of positive feedback at the close of the show. The cast were brilliantly funny, the stage crew and front of house performing their roles exceptionally well to contribute to a very successful production.  

VGTG’s next production “Every Crook and Granny”, another comedy, will be performed in the new Performing Arts Centre at Yarrabilba State Secondary School on 22nd and 29th October.  

The Youth Theatre which commenced this year is also growing fast with the students expected to produce their own show later this year. 

If you’re interested in being involved in any aspect of theatre, simply check out our website on – No experience required, just enthusiasm!