Business security and armed robbery awareness at Logan Central

On Tuesday, November 30, Logan District Crime Prevention Unit partnered with Woodridge Police Beat in a targeted prevention strategy at Logan Central Plaza. Business security and armed robbery prevention discussions and resources were provided with an exceptional response by stakeholders.

Every interaction police have with the community provides an opportunity to prevent harm, trauma and crime. Prevention Together framework is a victim-centric approach which aims to prevent victimisation and reduce the resultant harm caused to individuals and the community.

The business security guide provided to stakeholders is designed as a practical tool to help review current business security measures and identify potential security risks. Good business security can be achieved by following key principles:

  • Make it easy for an offender to be seen
  • Make it difficult for an offender to gain entry
  • Make it difficult for an offender to exit with your property
  • Make it difficult for an offender to gain benefit from your property

Simple ways to review your business security is to start from the outside of your business and work inwards, using a layered approach. For most businesses, there are six layers that can be used to identify existing and desirable security.

An armed robbery on your business could have significant impact on the health, safety and welfare of your staff and customers. Armed robberies are often unpredictable and can place your staff in a dangerous situation. The below are some things to consider:

  • Staff should be alert to suspicious behaviour and know how to report it
  • Provide regular training to your staff on security and armed robbery procedures
  • Have more than one staff member involved in opening and closing the business
  • When leaving the workplace consider departing in groups
  • Request armed robbery awareness training from your local Crime Prevention Unit.

In the event of an armed robbery as soon as it is safe to do so, call Triple Zero (000). Have an armed robbery procedure in place. Make sure staff are trained in the procedure and practice it regularly. During an armed robbery it is important to stay calm. Use ‘CODE A’ to help you and staff prepare in case an incident occurs.

Calm – Try to remain calm. Stay away from the personal space of the offender.

Obey – Obey instructions. Avoid making any sudden or unexpected movements.

Description – Note the features of the offenders, including clothing, scars, tattoos, height, hair colour, accent and speech and any weapons used.

Evidence – Remember what is touched by the offender and do not touch it yourself.

Alarm – Activate the alarm and call police on Triple Zero (000) when it is safe.

If you have information for police, contact Policelink by providing information using the online suspicious activity form 24hrs per day at

Report crime information anonymously via Crime Stoppers. Call 1800 333 000 or report online at