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Getting Into The Spirit With Holiday Faves …

Firstly, I’d like to make a small apology to all my magical Melbourne Cup System Followers on our oh so close but yet so far second in the Melbourne Cup – maybe next year! With the big fella in the red suit just about ready to prepare for his annual pilgrimage from the Icy North Pole, I thought it was time to get into the festive spirit ourselves and give a few suggestions on some super recreational sports that can be played over the Summer break.
I’ll begin with one of my personal favourites: Ping Pong. I played this for many, many years growing up and for those not in the know, we called it Table Tennis. After lunch, at any good Christmas Party, you can find an old chipboard table, a block of wood for a net would do, a couple of $2 Kmart Tonka bats and eve n the most modest of citizens turns into the Roger
Federer of the ping pong world.

Darts has long been a Christmas favourite for many an Aussie family. Normally at least one person within the close knit family circle receives a brand new bulls Eye dart board as a Chrissie present. Over Summer, and a couple of icy cold beverages of course, we spend hours and hours practicing the art of hitting triple twenties, bulls eyes, and double tops, all with the hope of two main goals: not getting a thrown projectile in the back of the head, and hopefully, making some large improvements on our mathematics.

Backyard Cricket: I won’t wax lyrical about the cricket as anybody who has read my articles in the past knows I have written almost biographies on the subject. However, if there is a more enjoyable way to spend a lazy Sunday afternoon, then taping up a tennis ball, bringing in the six and out rule, and having a game of Australia’s National Sport, then I haven’t come across it yet!

The New Year Shuffle. This is the one where we toddle off down to our local gym January 1st resolutions firmly in hand, take out our monthly subscription, promising ourselves to commit fully to the endeavour of shedding those Christmas kilos only to find out by February 1st we are no longer attending the gym as effort required is far more than desire. I wish all our avid followers the happiest and safest Christmas ever, don’t forget to throw on your plate an extra piece of that turkey before the New Year strikes! Ho, ho, ho, it’s off to sport we go!

Merry Christmas from Big Dave (Tamborine Mountain Foodworks)