Logan Village Local Kindy Kids

Are Excited to be Starting Prep!

Charlotte (sitting on mushroom) and Avery (standing on playground), with Teacher Michelle Harvey and Principal David Cramb

Logan Village State School are warming up in preparations for the new round of Prep enrolments in 2022. With our Prep Transition mornings ready to start next month we are looking forward to welcoming our new children as a part of our school community. We are looking forward to inspiring a love of learning in a school environment.

Our current Prep students are equally excited to be transitioning to Year One where they will meet new teachers and adapt to new routines in a primary school environment. 

Mr Cramb the Principal of LVSS explains that each week, our local Kindy children are visiting our school so they can become familiar with the many different environments in a primary school. Transitions to school can be overwhelming for families so providing time for our new students to feel a sense of belonging is something we really value. Ms Emily Eagle, one of the Prep teachers at Logan Village states that Prep is a fun time for children to be learning and the large amount of growth we see in one year is amazing! 

Logan Village is excited to support this positive transition into the first year of school!