Four Tribes Go To Camp

YSS Year 4 Students Had Terrific Time

The year 4 students had a terrific and adventurous camp this year at Moogerah Dam. The weather was a new and exciting element with repeated afternoon storm fronts causing as all to adapt and support each other in new ways that challenged us.

Learning to ‘turn the tinnie’ on Moogerah Dam

Our four tribes, Pink Bandits, Silent Ninjas, Green Ninjas and Boiee (Shark in Yugambeh) worked well together to overcome their differences, abilities and fears to come out the other side of camp better and with more friends than they had going in.

The students loved doing all the activities and really loved the food. They struggled with releasing the bass they caught, turning the tinnie (turn handle left to go right etc.) and remembering all items of clothing needed when showering!

Camp Tribal Flags