Logan Village Yarrabilba Police News For September


The police from Logan Village Yarrabilba Police station continue to spread the message about putting road safety first every time you use the road. This is in support of Queensland Road Safety Week which commenced on August 16 and continuing through until August 20.

In the past few weeks, the police from Logan Village Yarrabilba Police Station have detected drink drivers in the Logan Village area, this includes a local man from Bethania who was detected drink driving with a high range limit of BAC 0.209 and another male living in a nearby suburb was detected drink driving at a mid range limit of BAC 0.100 in the same area. These drivers were charged and required to appear before the Beaudesert Magistrates court.

These results are concerning, especially when drivers are carrying other passengers in the vehicles. Driving under the influence of alcohol or drug can significantly reduce your ability to maintain safe control of your vehicle and puts other road users at risk. Police are urging motorists to plan ahead
and not get behind the wheel of a vehicle if you’re under the influence of alcohol or drug.

Police will continue to show high visibility police presence during Queensland Road Safety week and wish to remind motorists of the fatal five:

  1. Speeding
  2. Driving under the influence of alcohol or drug
  3. Not wearing seat belts
  4. Driving fatigued
  5. Distracted drivers

Police are urging motorist to stay safe on the roads and to always keep your mind on your driving.

Traffic Enforcement – Any Time, Any Where!

School Zones

Recently a student was struck by a vehicle on the pedestrian crossing outside the Yarrabilba State School. This resulted in police from Logan Village Yarrabilba contacting the School Administration, Logan City Council and local Councillor Laurie KORANSKY to identify and implement improvements.

With input from all parties, this has resulted in the installation of bollards to stop cars from parking on the grass nature strips next to the carpark entry and exits, improved signage on the crossing and the removal of vegetation that was obscuring pedestrian and driver view of the crossing and footpath’s either side. The upgrades made should make the crossing safer for drivers, parents and students alike.

This is a reminder to motorists to slow down during school zone operating times of 7-9am and 2-4pm on school days.

Security Maintenance

Whilst we remain restricted and ensure compliance with the Chief Health Officer (CHO) directions to reduce the spread of COVID-19, why not take this as an opportunity to carry out property security maintenance at your home or business during unprecedented times.

This can be as simple as engraving or marking your property. Take video or photograph of the property that cannot be marked, such as jewellery. Don’t forget items such as tools, garden equipment and bikes.

Follow these steps to mark your property –

Firstly, the recommended number that can be used on multiple items and is easily remembered is set out like this:
• First letter of your first name
• First letter of your family name
• Your date of birth in a six figure format _ _ / _ _ / _ _
• Then the letter ‘Q’ indicating Queensland

The final code to engrave or mark items could look like this for a ‘Luke SMITH’ with a date of birth of 10/01/1975. (eg. LS100175Q)

Secondly, after marking your property, take the time to visit your local police station and let them know your code. Lastly, write an inventory as this will help you make an insurance claim and assist police recover stolen items.

List the serial, make and model numbers and keep the original
receipts of valuable items and store this information along with any valuation certificates in a safe place.

If police ever locate property that has an engraving or marking on it, we can quickly identify the owner if it has been registered with local police.

If you have information for police, contact Policelink by providing information using the online suspicious activity form 24hrs per day at www.police.qld.gov.au/reporting. In any emergency please phone 000.

Until next time, keep safe!

By Nathan BOOTH – OIC Sergeant
Logan Village Yarrabilba Police Station