Worried About Money?

Where Is The Best Place To Reach Out?

A lot of people have no idea where to go if they have financial problems. According to community services organisation YFS, the best place to start is by reaching out:
Banks and utility providers offer a lot of help.
If you are having trouble paying back a loan, contact your lender and ask them about hardship arrangements.
Responsible lenders are happy to help you get back on track.
YFS’ financial counsellors can support you by contacting the lender on your behalf.
They work in the Logan, Beaudesert and Scenic Rim areas.
Call YFS on 3826 1500.
The next time you need to buy a fridge, washing machine or another household item, consider applying for a no-interest loan with Good Shepherd.
They offer loans of up to $3000.
If you owe money to Centrelink and you are behind with your rent as well, reach out to Centrelink.
You might be able to reduce your repayments so you can get on top of your rent arrears.
While you are talking to Centrelink, ask them to check you are receiving the right payment amount.
This is especially important if you don’t need to lodge a tax return each year.
Things might have changed since your payments were initially set up.
Parents with kids in childcare might be able to increase the amount of Child Care Subsidy they receive.
Talk to your Child Care Centre or Centrelink for details. Many people aren’t receiving what they are entitled to.
For help with paying your electricity or gas bill, phone your provider and ask to speak with their hardship team. Many providers are willing to help people get back on track.
You may find that you’re eligible for the Home Energy Assistance Subsidy Scheme grant as well.
If you rent and are facing a high water bill, most property managers are happy for you to catch up on your rent payments and then work on your water bill.
Either contact your property manager or YFS for support.
Saving money can seem impossible when you are struggling financially.
One way to start is by changing internet plans.
Oftentimes, you won’t notice too much of a difference if you downgrade.
Also, take time out to read your latest mobile phone bill and compare your usage to the plan you are on.
You could save money by switching plans.

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For more information contact YFS on 3826 1500.
Or Email on Judith Hunter: judithh@yfs.org.au