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Getting The Small Choices Right For 2021
No matter how old we get, wisdom often hangs in the balance between a good decision and a slippery slope towards disaster!
They say there is a fine line between genius and stupidity.
Each one of us will make decisions this year; there will be significant decisions and small decisions; some life altering, while others become routine.
Our small decisions are often overlooked together with the importance we place on these choices.
If we all made better small decisions, the effect it would have on our direction would be incredible. Getting the small choices right makes it easier to get the bigger decisions on point.
Often, we see at the beginning of a year, people make big decisions, or some may even like to call them New Year’s resolutions. We seem to place more importance on starting the year right than we do on stopping things or ending bad habits or decisions. We make decisions like “I am going to eat healthier” instead of “I am going to stop eating foods bad for my body” or “I am going to have more positive things in my life” rather than “I need to remove the negative”.

Stopping that which isn’t beneficial to us has much, if not more, power in our lives which start a positive change.
Change isn’t change until it’s changed!
You are only one decision away from changing your life forever, but we do not know what that decision may be.
The reason why change is so hard to be successful at lies in the understanding that we are comfortable in our current situation. We might not like where we are and because of this we either lack the knowledge to change or we have tried and failed.
Change cannot occur until our desire for the change becomes greater than what we already have. If this does not take place, we simply keep failing at change.
Most of the time New Year resolutions fail because what we want is an idea and what we have brings more comfort than the change to be what we want.
Put simply: We are creatures of comfort!

We love to feel safe, secure and delight in our comfort zone. We cannot gain the new with old way of thinking.
So, as we are now a few months into this year, the question I ask you is: What are you changing or removing in your life? Moving forward requires the old to be left behind.
To see the greatness that can be found in 2021 will require us to let go of 2020, including that of fear and disappointment. 2021 has the potential to be your greatest year yet! Greatness is not based on obstacles but lies within growth.
The definition of stupidity is repeating the same thing over and over again and expecting a different result. If you make small changes, that are manageable, then change can be witnessed in your life and the outcome can truly be great.
You are amazing and were made for greatness!
The only thing from stopping you from realising that is – are you ready for this … your belief that what you have is better than what you might have amongst your willingness to pursue it.
Fear not the new, fear the old and bring 2021 on!