Tame The Weird

How Do You Use It When You Let It Out?


We’ve all got that weird going on and if you don’t, that’s just weird! What’s it good for though? How can you use it and when do you let it out of its cage.
Think about it, the more restrictive our worlds get the crazier our weird gets. Ever seen that movie where the people running the Asylum were the crazie and who decides what crazy or weird is anyway?
Putting it bluntly, wouldn’t it be a better business model to have the inmates run loose and pay for their own accommodation and medication?

No kidding, we’re complex creatures and the only traces of nature left in us might just be the very thing that rebels against the social confines we are all getting squeezed by. It’s not the first time I’m bringing this up but every time I do, we’re looking at it from a different angle, a fresh perspective to illustrate that creativity can not be captured, it’s fluid and flows through us as a vital essence.
You’re thinking it’s weird because it’s becoming more and more unfamiliar to you.

Call it what it is, modern day slavery the monumental weights once dragged by slaves used to be to build grand structures for the rulers, have now been replaced with debt.
Having the freedom to get into your creative zone and let your inner crazy out is a dwindling dream, unless you claim it as your birthright, which it is!
The more you do it, the easier it will become. Choose the place and time and use it as often as you can. Whatever you do there, just do it for you, if we all did that Big Pharma would be losing money.

Stay chill my friends, Albatross
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