Most Wonderful Time Of The Year

Or A Drift To What It Is Today …

Christmas is meant to be the most wonderful time of the year however, over many years it seems to have drifted to what it is today. There appears to be a drive to compensate for the lack within the world.
While the doors of shopping centres remain open through the night, we see billions of dollars of debt (in Australia alone) accumulate from the month of December.
Where did this come from? Why do we do this? What are we creating and teaching our next generation?
For me, Christmas is not just about gifts, it is about the joy this season brings. I put up Christmas lights on our home because my kids love it (and secretly, I think our neighbours do too)! We decorate our tree and around our home for the same reason; that we love to bring joy to others. We should be sharing the true reason for the season this Christmas …
Jesus was born in the most uncivilised circumstances. He was rejected by family and his birth broke culture. A gift for everyone was given through his unprecedented birth.
Today, Christmas is generally celebrated by putting gifts under trees that are decorated with lights, adorned with decorations and topped with a star or angel. Depending on cultures and traditions, families gather on the Eve of Christmas or on its morning around the tree giving gifts, watching with anticipation for the joy that comes as presents are unwrapped! Or maybe it’s nervous emotion of “Will they like what I choose for them? I hope I kept my receipt!”.
We would not be celebrating this time of year if there was no Jesus! I am and will be ever thankful for the shining star lighting the way for people to follow. This time of year marks the destination to the ultimate gift.
As I mentioned above, we decorate our Christmas tree and invest the time to make it look beautiful, because the tree that Jesus would be crucified on was unpleasant and ugly.
We all desire nice things to surround us whether it be clothes to the latest of technology. It’s common to redirect the reality our lives may bring and spend up big at Christmas, maxing out credit cards and using Afterpay, Ezypay and any other ‘pay it later’ option there is … but my question still remains, Why?
Why is there a need to pile up debt by spending large sums of money to feel the joy of Christmas to only experience the weight of those choices a month or two later when banks are chasing payments?
The joy of Christmas isn’t about the giving of gifts because the gift has already been given. If we do not find a reason to have Christmas that’s productive and meaningful, then perhaps we should skip it. The real joy of Christmas is experiencing the joy on the faces of loved ones when you can give of yourself – presence over presents!
This Christmas, I encourage you to minimise debt and give of yourself and bring the true joy to someone’s life. Find the ultimate gift under the tree… the star will lead the way.
Let’s really make this Christmas season the most wonderful time of the year!