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An Artist/Activist with Artwork in private collections around the world.

Artwork by Anonymous
Artwork by Anonymous

Why did you want to be Anonymous for this interview?
Because I could be anyone,
I could be you, your neighbour, your brother. I am a citizen of the free world against the ‘Drive to Divide’ us and constant fear porn being pumped through
mainstream media infecting and polluting our hearts and minds, See it for what it is. We live in a culture that has us believing the worst thing that could happen is death, well what if it wasn’t, what if what we didn’t fear death could that fear still be weaponised??? What if what we feared most was living an unfulfilled life when we could have stood up against tyrannical forces, we didn’t. Now is the time to create a world without slavery. Let the slave system crash and let’s co-create a society built on conscious energy, become the cause to create the effect, Terra Nova.

So how did you become an artist and start selling your art Anon?
I was living on an island in the South Pacific in a male dominated third world environment struggling socially and one day just found myself drawing out of intense boredom. I was invited to a BBQ with the Expats and being a social misfit took my scribble pad. The Banker’s wife offered me 500 on the spot for my doodle. That’s the moment I realised I had talent that could be developed if I applied myself. So, I just kept doodling I guess.

What challenges are there in making a living off your artwork?
Ahh … Wow, that’s a good question, there are so many challenges to work through in order to live off your art. I guess the first one is deciding to. Then of course it’s how and when.
Making sure you can transition into it as an income generating activity while keeping the bills paid. Once I started selling and my name was getting around, managing success became a challenge I wasn’t prepared for and that’s when I did an involuntary crash course in Tall Poppy Syndrome appreciation.

What’s Tall Poppy Syndrome ?
It’s when you’re standing out from the pack and members of the pack attack you for it, that’s why a lot of Artists from Australasia migrate to the United States or Europe and go on to become successful overseas. I think it’s small minded and backwards to cut someone down when they’re making a success of themselves, they should be celebrated and uplifted as they do in the States.

What mediums do you work in currently?
I don’t paint much these days, I’m trying to minimalise my life and consume less. I do digital paintings but I sometimes miss the tactile aspect of real paint and real canvas. Here’s one I did for a friend during Lockdown thinking about where we are headed merging with Artificial Intelligence if Elon Musk popularises Neurolink, implanting chips into our skulls linking directly into our neurological system, scary and exciting and inevitable I guess I’m fascinated and have visions of what that could look like, wearing a hologram instead of clothes, I think I’d like that, I’d go for this look myself.
Thanks for the opportunity, if any of your readers are interested in my work could they go through you?
Sure! That’s it guys.

Stay chill, take care of each other out there.