Yarrabilba Connects With App

Collaboration Created With Yarrabilba Bulletin

Yarrabilba Community Connect App
Yarrabilba Community Connect App

The Yarrabilba Community Association (aka Yarrabilba Connect) previously launched the ‘Yarrabilba App’ in order to further connect the community of Yarrabilba.
The Yarrabilba Community Association’s vision is to be the voice of the Yarrabilba community and the primary focus of communal activities and support within Yarrabilba and surrounding areas while protecting and promoting the common interest for the area. Utilisation of the app will help the YCA promote local activity on both a social and business level keeping in line with their mission to provide services which advance education, culture and social welfare.
In support of YCA’s vision and mission, an innovative, collaborative approach between the YCA and the Yarrabilba Bulletin has been formed in order to promote local business’s of the area. As a special, exclusive, introductory offer when advertising within the news magazine directory, for an additional $5 per month the ad details will also be placed onto the app.
For further information, please contact Kerri on 0438 436 655 or ads@yarrabilbabulletin.com.au.