History Of The Doo Dropp Inn

Logan Village Craft Cottage From 1996 To Now

We operate under the umbrella of Logan Community Village Centre. The Craft Cottage started in 1996 at the Historical Complex in Col Ferguson cottage on River Street. From a small group of five members we have two of those original members still in the group. Throughout the years we had members come and go, today there are nineteen crafters who bring a whole range of crafts and skills to the cottage. We welcome new members!

In the beginning, each week the cottage was set up and packed away as the Cottage was rented out to other services at weekends.

In 1999 the present cottage, The Doo Dropp Inn (the cottage) was donated to Logan Village Community Centre by the McConachie family through Beaudesert Council. There were many meetings with Beaudesert Shire Council, Logan Village Community Council and the Cottage to decide where it would be sited. Its new home was on Wharf Street beside the old School House, where it was refurbished and opened in February 2000, successfully operating and joining in with the celebrations on the Village Green.

The Doo Dropp Inn 1999

A Village Green Master plan was proposed by Council. In December 2013 this saw the relocation of the Doo Dropp Inn to its present location on River Street beside the Logan Museum. At this new site a ramp was added to the front of the cottage and doors widened to give access to those in wheelchairs and those who find stairs difficult.

The Doo Dropp Inn 2023

In April 2020 a new extension was added to the Cottage. This space allows the group to hold meetings, craft days and community projects for local hospitals and craft facilities and these are ongoing at all times. We have many very talented artists and crafters and throughout the year we will highlight one each month as well as showcasing our Special Events.

We are open weekdays 9am to 2.30pm and weekends 9am to 1pm and we welcome the public to come and see our wares.

By Christine Strain (Logan Community Village Craft Cottage)