A Face We Know & Love …

Lucy’s Passion For Serving The Community

Lucy Reilly – inspiring face of the community

You might know the face but not the name of Lucy Reilly. Lucy is regularly seen at community events in Logan alongside Cr Laurie Koranski. She has worked as a Councillor Advisor to Cr Laurie, our Division 4 Councillor, since 2016. Lucy’s job is varied, and no two days look the same.

She takes calls, responds to emails, attends meetings, and accompanies Cr Laurie to meet residents and attend local events.

Lucy lives in Yarrabilba and when asked what she likes about it says, “It’s the people and the genuine sense of community here”. She mentions the way residents are quick to respond when newcomers ask for help. She also says that living in one of the fastest growing areas in Australia brings wonderful opportunities.

Lucy has a passion for serving in the community and one group she loves to support is the Cancer Council. This is close to her heart because of Lucy’s own journey over recent years. Now she loves to give back by helping to fundraise for Cancer Council when she can.

When she has time to relax, Lucy likes nothing better than curling up in a comfortable chair with her little dog Molly and reading crime and mystery novels.

Since the age of seven, Lucy has wanted to become a psychologist. Although she has a fulltime job, she is also studying psychology and counselling part time. In Lucy’s view, no education is ever wasted. And for those who are trying to find out what career to pursue, she has this advice: “Walk through every open door. When an opportunity is offered to you – say yes and take it, instead of thinking of all the reasons why it’s not the right time or the right fit. You never know where it may lead you!”
Lucy Reilly is someone who takes her own advice and uses each opportunity she is given.
That’s inspiring!

By Susan Alexander (Inspirational Writer)