Ghosts In The Museum!

Items Moved And Left ‘Swinging’ & ‘Ringing’! 

Recently a ‘ghostly’ episode took place at the Logan Village Museum. Investigating further, Curator Coralyn told us the following about two ‘spirited’ visits:

“Val, who is our oldest Volunteer, was walking into the Kitchen of the Museum House and there was an almighty noise. She looked in to find the meat safe in the corner swinging!

There were items on the floor a small wooden square container, two biscuit boxes, one glass measuring jug, one fancy bottle full of Olives, and also the door to the gas stove had come open.

There was nothing broken, thankfully, as I would have not liked to clean up the mess from the bottle if it had broken. We often hear little things and go to investigate, but there is never anything there.

Another episode that has come to light, is that a grandmother was showing her daughter and grandchildren through the Dance Hall. There was a noise twice, which she turned to and found that one of the old telephones has been dialled twice.  She actually saw the dial returning to its place. None of our phones are connected they are all just part of the display.

About 18 months ago we did have some Ghost Investigators from a university on the Gold Coast come through, they were very excited as to what their machines had picked up. They were supposed to come back to us with information, but they ‘disappeared’. I did try to recontact them in the months after that but was not successful.

A side note: For Remembrance Day the Museum is helping the Logan Village RSL with letters which had been written during WW1. These are from our ANZAC files. The record keeping during the War was exceptional, you never know what information you can find within these files!”