Thought, Desire, Action

These Thoughts Often Show Up In Our Minds

It has long been known that we each have our own innate knowing and wisdom inside of us, that just needs us to quieten the mind enough to hear it. Our knowing sense is a wonderful navigation system to help us move forward in life, toward those things that will help us. These thoughts often show up in our minds when we are ready for something to change.

We also have deeper wishes, or desires if you like, in which our energy connects to, creating our first steps towards manifestation.  We desire that change … and in thinking about it and desiring it, we are nearly there in creating it.

Frances Munro
Frances Munro

However, nothing can move without an action.  Action is the one step we each need to do in order to actually create something, change something or heal something, that moves us forward from what was to what will be.

Sadly, many have the thoughts and desires to change, yet, without that action, it stays in a loop going around and around in one’s head … nothing really moving or changing … and sadly, keeping us stuck in our situations.

So, if you want lasting and positive change, the secret is to make sure you take an action towards what you want every day.  It can be a little or grand action … yet all actions forward will definitely make change.  So, ask yourself this, what action could I take today to help me move forward?

Actions equal results!

By Frances Munro (Divine Essence Therapies)

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