Flooded With Despair?

Still Feeling The Financial Impacts Of The February Floods?

Flooded with despair

While it feels like a lot has happened since the devastating flood events at the beginning of 2022, many people are still feeling the impact, psychologically and financially. 

If you were affected by the South East Queensland floods earlier in the year and need support to sort out your finances, help is available. YFS’ financial counsellors can help you work through the financial impacts and link you with a range of supports through partner organisations.

YFS Client Service Manager, Charles says “Months after the flood event in February, we are seeing people who have been impacted financially. Many people don’t know that financial counsellors are available to help people sort out their finances, and their services are free.”

Financial counsellors are qualified professionals who provide information, advice and advocacy to people in financial difficulty. They work with people who are in debt or not able to meet their ongoing expenses. Their services are free, independent, confidential and non-judgmental.

Charles says, “Our financial counsellors can help people sort out their bills, access hardship relief and negotiate with creditors. We can also link you with other organisations that can provide assistance such as replacement items, vouchers and practical support. 

“In some cases, people may be able to borrow money without fees or charges through the No interest Loans Scheme (NILS) which can help people avoid getting into further financial stress.

“Anyone can hit tough times. Our financial counsellors can help sort things out and get your finances back on track.”

To make an appointment with a YFS Financial Counsellor, call 3826 1500.