What’s on in the Lions Den –August

Hello again readers of the Yarrabilba and Logan Village Bulletin as I write this the wind is blowing a gale force 8 here in Redland Bay and I am sure we will land up in Kansas if it blows any harder.

We have had some chilly weather and some people have had flooding rains again our thoughts go out to them, two weeks ago we went to a wedding in Bowral in the Southern Highlands of NSW, well it could have been the Antarctic it was that cold, even with four layers of clothing including a fully lined parka, I was still freezing, bring on summer!

Club Events Of Previous Month

  • Saturday 2nd July – Sausage Sizzle at Woollies Logan Village, good day, lots of donations
  • Saturday 2nd July – Club changeover Dinner   please see separate article
  • Saturday 9th July – Sausage Sizzle at Bunnings Bethania, a big day we had record sales, must have been the cold wind, a hot sausage obviously did the trick.
  • Saturday 16th July – Sausage Sizzle Woollies at Logan Village good day, bit chilly!!

Club News

  • Our new committee was inducted by the outgoing District Governor Lion Nicole Phillips at the changeover dinner on Saturday 2nd July and we had our first Business meeting on Tuesday July 20th with our new meeting structure in place.
  • New club President Lion Phil is on a much-needed holiday in Far North Queensland and the Northern Territory, he is doing the “Savannah Way” trip, this was recently shown on the Our Way tv program, very interesting, Lion Phil can write an article for us hopefully!!
  • You have probably seen the press release from Bunnings, that they have allowed a price increase for the sausage sizzles that community organisations hold at Bunnings stores throughout Australia, the cost of a sausage sizzle has gone up to $3.50, this will offset the price increases that all organisations have incurred, so your next Lions sausage sizzle will be a bit more expensive, but still as enjoyable as ever.
  • On September 15th Lions Australia will celebrate 75 years of Lions clubs in Aussie, Lismore club being the first club chartered in September 1947, more information of planned celebrations to be forthcoming.
  • The club will be running its annual charity Golf Day on Sunday November 20th at the Logan Village Golf Club, any organisations wishing to participate and /or sponsor the day can you please contact Lion Tim Moyes on 0478 762 721 for more information.

Calling Car 1104 -2022 Variety Bush Bash

This year’s Variety Bush Bash will run from Winton to Yeppoon via Birdsville from 29 August to 7 September 2022.

The commencement of this year’s bash is getting closer, and the Lions team are busy getting everything ready for the off and raising funds for the bash.

Lion Bob our Wizard mechanic has been working on our Car “DV” giving her a good tune up , grease and oil change and ensuring everything is working as it should do and ensuring all necessary spares are stored and ready to find if required!!!

Bob assures me he has worked on the fuel system to ensure he does not have the problems encountered last time and the embarrassment of being the first car with the hood up, before even reaching the starting point (PS: it was not Bob’s fault). “DV” tells me she is getting excited and can’t wait to feel the Bitumen and Dirt roads beneath her wheels she hopes the rain manages to keep away this time, she does not like mud up to her axles.

Lion Peter has been very busy chasing up more sponsors and doing deals to help Car 1104 with its requirement and expenses for the bash, he says we still need more sponsors so if you or anybody you know can help out, we would love to hear from you, remember all monies raised go to Variety to help underprivileged children in the community.

Peter can be contacted on 0413 737 730, he would love to hear from you and discuss how you can help out.

– Please see the QR code to donate if you can via that –

We will have a full daily report of Car 1104 on the bash trail with photos in the October edition of the Bulletin, let’s hope they have a better trip this time and get back safe and well along with all the other Bashers.

Well dear readers that is all the news from us Lions for this issue, we hope you enjoy the article and if there is anything you would like more information on please contact me directly.

Please keep safe, avoid the dreaded Flu and Covid (and all its 57 varieties) and please keep up those kind thoughts and/or prayers for our fellow Lions and the people of Ukraine and the other people who are now suffering around the world from the illegal Russian invasion of Ukraine.

Calendar of Events for Aug/Sept

  • Saturday 6th August – Sausage Sizzle – Woollies Logan Village
  • Saturday 6th August – “Karma Keg” Variety Bash Fundraiser Bourbon Street
  • Saturday 20th August – Sausage Sizzle – Woollies Logan Village
  • Saturday 20th August – Sausage Sizzle – Coles Yarrabilba (look out for a visit from” DV”)
  • Monday 29th August – Wednesday’s 7th September Car 1104 on Bush Bash
  • Saturday 3rd September – Sausage Sizzle Woollies Logan Village
  • Sunday 11th September – “Weigh to Tow” event more information to come
  • Saturday 17th September – Sausage Sizzle Woollies Logan Village

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