The Dream YBA Team …

What They Do For Young People Of Our Area

Rohaan, (centre), with teammates Gus & Ethan from The Legends
Rohaan, (centre), with teammates Gus & Ethan from The Legends

My inspiring person this month is not one person but a group – the Yarrabilba Basketball Association. This is curious for me as I am not normally interested in basketball. But attending the YBA grand finals last year helped me to appreciate what they do for the young people of our area.

I am inspired by people like Coach Travis Fisher. Travis coached the Under 21 Yarrabilba Yowies to an undefeated first season as a representative team. (That’s between club and state level). As soon as the season ended, Coach Travis left for regional areas to run basketball clinics for the young people there. That’s inspiring!

I am inspired by people like Luke Douglas, General Manager of YBA. Luke, an experienced coach, moved with his family to Yarrabilba and at first thought he would just do local club basketball. But, while spending eight months at home recovering from an injury, Luke did all the work of setting up the Association. YBA began in 2019 with seventeen players and three teams, and by the end of 2021, had grown to thirty teams and 260 members! Luke turned his injury and long recovery into a positive for himself and others. That inspires me!

I am also inspired by player Rohaan Chisholme, a young man who found basketball a way to escape from stress. He says he wasn’t too good when he first started playing but began to practice every day for 3 hours. His efforts paid off as Rohaan represented his team, The Legends, in their grand final. Rohaan was bullied at school and has some advice for others: “If someone gives you hate or tells you that you’re not good, prove them wrong! Listen to your heart and follow your dreams.” Wise advice from a young man who has done exactly that!

By Susan Alexander