Street culture artists unite to improve local vibe

Thane Poloai (left) and David Saotupe from Street University at the Logan Street Culture Forum with Logan City Councillors Teresa Lane (second from left) and Miriam Stemp with her hand-painted skateboard deck.

Street culture stars from the City of Logan came together today to turn ideas into actions.

A Street Culture Forum was hosted by Logan City Council and Homebase (Yunus Centre, Griffith University) at Kingston’s Gould Adams Community Centre.

Forum participants are keen to create a world-class local street culture, building on foundations already in place.

Discussions during the two-hour street culture community engagement workshop centred on plans for community initiatives next year.

Economic Development Chair Acting Mayor Jon Raven said the Logan Street Culture Advisory Committee planned to develop creative arts and economic opportunity frameworks featuring diverse street culture community groups.

“We are keen to build on the momentum generated at the Logan City Stories – street culture event in June,” Cr Raven said.

“Next year we will focus on building Logan’s cred around street culture and promoting our local talent.”