Road Safety Reminder with Wet Days Ahead

The rain is now upon us and with the forecast predicting rain to continue into coming days. We are seeing indications that it’s going to be a wet summer.

No reason is good enough to drive through floodwater. The bravest and smartest thing you can do is Back It Up. Don’t get carried away with the reasons or pressures to attempt to drive through floodwater.

When faced with a flooded road, back it up.

Flash flooding is a significant threat across Australia. It can cause roads to become rivers, washing away cars and people.

And it’s not just people living near rivers who are at risk; flash floods are particularly dangerous because they can affect areas away from watercourses and happen with little or no warning. So what causes them and how can you stay safe?

Flash flooding usually follows short, intense bursts of rain, such as from thunderstorms. The rain falls so quickly that it can’t soak into the ground or drain away through normal channels. This can occur in any part of Australia, but is a particularly serious problem in urban areas where drainage systems may not cope, and in very small creeks and streams, which burst their banks and inundate surrounding areas.

Logan District has its fair share of locations which are impacted by flooding after significant rainfall.

You are reminded to be familiar with these locations and take all necessary precautions to avoid these areas while impacted by flooding.

Senior Constable Luke Turner 

Logan Police