Police recruiting campaign shows great police are made for it

Police Minister Mark Ryan joined Commissioner Katarina Carroll and Queensland Police Union President, Ian Leavers, at the launch of a new Queensland Police Service (QPS) recruiting campaign  – You’re Made For It.

The campaign aims to help people identify that their personal value, derived from life, growth and career experience, has shaped them in a way that enables them to be a great officer in the QPS.  

Commissioner Carroll said the Service was recruiting real experience to make a real difference.

“The QPS is looking for applicants with diverse backgrounds and life experience which reflects the community we serve. You need integrity, community values, professionalism and show respect and fairness at all times,” she said. 

“I’ve heard numerous times, applicants say that they have always wanted to be a police officer, that they were ‘born’ to join.

“As a Service we realise that, often, it’s what’s on the inside that makes an incredible officer.

“Every bit of adversity you’ve overcome makes an impact. Every challenge, every tight spot. From your proudest moments, to your toughest times, in this line of work, your life experiences are your greatest assets.”

The launch of the campaign introduced four serving police officers across Queensland, each with a diverse story to tell. 

Officer in Charge of Gin Gin Police Station Sergeant Sharon Morgan found herself trapped in a violent and abusive relationship for seven years, for some of this time she was also a police recruit. She now channels her own experience into providing understanding and support for other victims of domestic and family violence. 

Constable Ethan Sorby grew up heavily exposed to drug addiction and violence. Tragically, he lost his brother and sister in a traffic crash related to his parents’ addiction. He is now part of the Logan Youth Co-Responder Unit after being shown compassion from a police officer which led him to consider a career with the QPS. 

Senior Constable Danielle Loftus was hit by a car at the age of 10 while walking home from school. The serious incident left her with severe injuries. She overcame these injuries, including learning how to speak and write again and made it through the recruitment process. 

Constable Laurie Bateman, a First Nations officer based in Cunnamulla, spent 20 years as a sheep shearer. Once he started training disengaged First Nations youth the art of shearing, he realised how much he liked to help and give back to his community. He joined the Service as a Police Liaison Officer before applying and being inducted as an officer. 

Minister Ryan said the collective experiences of every police officer reflects a truly diverse Queensland Police Service made up of dedicated officers doing extraordinary work. 

“I’ve met many great and truly inspirational police officers over the years and I’ve often quietly asked what drew them to a career in policing. 

“I learnt that many sons and daughters had followed in their parents’ footsteps and chose to become part of the broader police family. Some spoke of police officers who were their role models when they were young. Others spoke of their life experiences and how that shaped their decision to embark on a career in policing. 

“Their stories were inspiring and humbling, and they resonated deeply with me because, irrespective of their reasons, each and every one of those officers shared the same vision – to protect the community they served. 

“It is my hope that this new campaign will continue to attract great recruits who will go on to become great police officers,” Minister Ryan said. 

The Queensland Government is funding the delivery of an additional 2,025 police personnel by 2025 to meet the future needs of policing across the state. 

Queensland Police Union President Ian Leavers said that there has never been a better time to step forward and make an application to join the QPS.

“Policing isn’t a profession to step into lightly. You will need strength of character and resilience to deal with what you will encounter when serving the community.” 

“Our Union is proud to have successfully advocated for the extra police personnel that this campaign will help attract and we will continue to advocate and support those officers through the tough times this job demands.” 

To take the first step towards a dynamic and rewarding career, apply now at policerecruit.com.au.