First Hair Cut In Seven Years!

12 Year Old Noah’s Great Head Shave

Barber Stevie with Noah

Back in September, we received an email from Marie of Tamborine. Marie wanted to let us know that her 12 year old son Noah would be “cutting his VERY long hair for ‘World’s Greatest Shave’ at an event at his school Yarrabilba State Secondary College. It would be his first haircut in half of his life! We were intrigued and wanted to
know more. Noah’s Mum, Marie told us:

“Noah is 12 years old, in Year 7. He’s been growing his hair for 6 or 7 years, so about half his life. He wanted it cut, but I love his hair, so was reluctant to see it go. We came to a compromise …cut it but raise money in the process! He thought it was a good idea and has read a little on blood cancers in the interim. He did a small talk/presentation on the subject, at school, thanks to the help of his teacher James Chambers who also helped to organise the event from the school end.”

The hairdresser who generously volunteered his services was Stevie Youngman of Barber Shop Express at Browns Plains. Never having the need to cut hair, the family did not know of a barber, and so ex Vet Stevie was recommended to Marie and he was very honoured ‘do the deed’ for the worthy cause having experienced firsthand the loss of a loved one to leukemia.

Marie commented (a bit sadly): “It’ll break my heart to see Noah’s beautiful locks go, but he will look awesome with short hair, he has the most stunning blue eyes. But his (Noah’s) thoughts on the cut?
….. Meh!”

Marie attended the event with her husband Alan and several of their children. Surrounded by a multitude of students and supported by the family, Noah’s Greatest Head Shave was a very ‘family and friends’ affair. Teacher, James Chambers, MC’d on the day, encouraging great participation from the many students who gathered around to watch Noah’s parents Marie and Alan cut his first ‘braids’. After the main length of Noah’s hair was removed, Stevie took over and cut and shaved Noah’s remaining hair into an amazing style.

For his efforts, Noah raised an incredible $1014 for the World’s Greatest Shave! Well done Noah, and we hope your ears adjusted to the temperature change!

An update from his Mum “Noah has been sunburnt on the back of his neck for the first time in about seven years, and his neck gets cold. He went swimming at Max’s the other day. First swim since his haircut. He said drying it was so much easier… he just rubbed it with his hands!”

Here’s the link to Noah’s World’s Greatest Shave site: