Doing School Differently

Year 8 Shark Tank Pathway To Success

Kiwi Squad Basketball, Winners of the Yr 8 Shark Tank, YSSC

Yarrabilba State Secondary College is committed to doing school differently, and better. That was on display at their Term 3 Shark Tank event. Teachers gave Year 8 students a challenge to “close the gap” for a marginalised group.

Teams then displayed their proposed business solutions. The innovative
ideas included: Desserts 4 Bees, raising money to save bees, Connection Cakes, cupcake baking sessions to bring disabled kids together, Sunflower Heads, handmade jewellery to raise awareness for mental health, and Budget Books, affordable school stationery packs. Guests could also buy delicious pancakes from a year 7 business, Maple Mountain Pancakes.

Eight finalists pitched their ideas on stage to judges, Arwen McGregor from Devon Pixies, Ted Ferisa from Yarra MMA, George Samios from MADD Loans, Luke Douglas from Yarrabilba Basketball and keynote speaker, Michael Hancock.

Michael drew on his own experience as a successful rugby league player to talk about the path to success. He advised students to start with a dream, believe they have what it takes, plan what to do and write it down, seek advice from successful people, manage setbacks, and work hard at the plan every day.

While the judges chose the winners, Year 9 students lit up the catwalk with a fashion show of wearable art – upcycled fashion with electrical circuits.

Luke Douglas announced the winners, Kiwi Squad Basketball– jersey designs to raise money for those who can’t afford club basketball fees and runners up Anxo Bears: weighted teddy bears to help children with anxiety.

Anxo Bears, Shark Tank Runners up

It was a wonderful way to end the term for all students, each on their own
“pathway to success.”

By Susan Alexander (Team Reporter)