Calling Car-1104 Update

Lions Variety Bash Car
Lions Variety Bash Car 1104

The revised date for the Variety Bush Bash is still scheduled for the period 6-12th November running from Longreach to Fraser Island.

The crew is getting more anxious as the date gets nearer, hoping that there are no more Lockdowns and they can finally hit the road and complete the challenge and raise lots of funds for the Variety Clubs Children’s charities.
Car 1104 or “DV” as I call her short for De Ville, being a Holden Statesman De Ville , has been patiently waiting to hit the road , the few outings for functions etc. has not been the same as a full blown Bush Bash run , some Lions have said they have heard her lamenting things in her shed>>>>>

DV’s Lament

“Here I sit parked up in the Lions shed, feeling quite down
and Broken Hearted.
My lovely V8 engine all cleaned up, serviced, but hardly ever
I should by now be on the back roads of North QLD in
overdrive and yeh just cruising
Whilst my crew in comfort the outback towns and scenery
they lazily are perusing.
I was so looking forward to meeting my old Bash friends,
Holden, Ford and Chevy
And talking over how our engines are running, whilst our
crews are having a nice cold bevy
Yes, a life out on the open road with the wind in my
radiator, I am so desiring
Whilst in the heat of these Northern climes will have all
without Aircon, so perspiring
I have on a Friday arvo heard my crew discussing a
possible new bash date, is it true!!
If it’s not and I am parked up here for months again I shall
be so cheesed of and BLUE
But wait the news is true they say, yes we will be off on
Saturday 6th of November
Now I can’t wait to get on the road again going from Bush
to Sea, a trip to remember.
So dear readers one and all, hear this heart felt lament
from my engine bay
Tell my crew to fill me up, check me over one last time,
because I’m ready for departure day
The crew are so eager, they won’t take long to load up with
provisions, ready for the trip
And whilst checking the plans and discussing matters one
last time a soothing coldy they will sip.”

“And a strange voice rang out in the night “Hooray at last we’re on our bloody way” followed by two toots on a horn, very strange the locals do say”

Calendar of Events for October/November
• Sat 2nd October – Sausage Sizzle Woollies, Logan Village
• Sun 10th October – Variety Bush Bash fundraiser,
Wellers Hill Bowls Club
• Sat 16th October – Sausage Sizzle Woollies, Logan Village
• Sat/Sun 16 & 17th Oct – Catering for Arms/Memorabilia Fair,
Belmont Shooting Centre
• Sun 17th October – Love Logan LCC Event, Kingston Raceway
• Sun 24th October – Car 1104 Thank You Event for Sponsors etc.,
Lions Centre, Logan Village
• Thurs 30th October – Official Den Opening & Farewell Car 1104,
Lions Centre, Logan Village
• Thurs 4th Nov – Car 1104 Departs for the Bash, Starting 6 Nov
• Sat 16th November – Sausage Sizzle Woollies, Logan Village