Striking Scenes In Yarrabilba

Nathan Olive Grabbed His Camera!

Sunset Over Daybreak Park: “I was in the kitchen preparing dinner when Miss 3 came to me and said “Come look daddy it’s pink!” I said “What’s pink?” she said “The sky!” So I went and had a look and noticed the sunset. I
quickly went back inside and grabbed the camera to take a few shots while watching my daughter in amazement at the colourful sunset – it was just beautiful!”

Back Burn Behind Shaw Street Oval: “It wasn’t until I had seen a post on the community page that I was aware there was a back burn going on so close to home. So I jumped in my car with camera in hand and went to have a look.

Once up behind the oval I could see small fires that were burning, and after a look around to make sure I was not in the way of anything, I set up and dialled the camera in for a 3 second exposure to allow for the capture
on the glow through the smoke that was hanging about.”

By Nathan Olive

A big thank you to Nathan Olive Photography for the incredible shots!