Pastor’s Pen For September

Respectable Differences

Glazed or Cinnamon?

The other day I had this amazing privilege of enjoying a fresh Krispy Kreme original glazed donut! I am sure you can agree when I say they always taste better with a coffee, so I had to have one of those too. As I was enjoying this delicious donut, I thought to myself ‘surely everyone loves these donuts’! But, recently I discovered that not everyone appreciates these donuts as much as I do. (Disclaimer: I do not get to eat these donuts as much as I would like, simply because they are terrible for my health!)

I discovered there are people who prefer a cinnamon donut to a glazed donut. The shock was quite surreal and I began to think how interesting it is that we are all so unique in every aspect of our Iives. We are taught that we are unique and to appreciate our differences, our uniqueness. However, for the last few years there is an increase within our society and culture which promotes how differences equal non agreement which can potentially lead to cause problems.

This concept really hasn’t been foreign to the human race; it has just shifted its aim. As humans we have battled through the appreciation of our differences throughout history.

Unity never comes from full agreement but the acceptance of our
individual uniqueness. It’s this individual uniqueness that has the
greatest potential for our unity.

Humanity loses its ability to respect and honour based on differences.
This is a sad part of society. As I watched the Olympics and
Paralympics recently, it was amazing to see the differences that
structure and make-up Australians. Australia is a blessed country
because we are so multicultural.

This sun blessed nation has so many cultures within its borders it’s
obvious that we are different! But, what needs to join us together is
that – we are Australian!

Not everyone will believe what I believe (which I respect) and although
I want you to hold to the belief that Jesus died on the cross for all
mankind, that it was His sacrifice, His actions that covered and paid
the penalty for my wrong doings, my sins, I know that not all will.
I believe life without Jesus is like a donut: there’s a hole in the middle
of your heart and no matter how big the hole in your heart is, Jesus is the perfect fit!

I know there will be some that will shrink back or have stopped reading
as soon as I mentioned the name Jesus, simply because of a bad experience they encountered with the church.

The church isn’t perfect, just like none of us are. Rather, ‘church’ is
simply a group of people who have received the forgiveness for their
sins which is the same offer that is given to absolutely everyone.
We simply do life together! We try and walk in the same direction as
Jesus, but when we fall short of the mark, we simply get back up and
keep going.

Church isn’t what you might think it is! I challenge you to give church
a go – it’s filled with the greatest of people and is a foundation for
amazing friendships, for the whole family unit! Although as humans we disagree, the simplest way to find unity is to appreciate our differences and find a central cause that we can all hold to.

For believers that central concept, or belief, is a belief in Jesus Christ,
that having a connection through His action reconnects us to our creator, to our God.

Whoever you are, I encourage you to find respectable differences within our society instead of focusing on what separates us from each other
I sincerely apologise if you feel the need to eat a donut now!