Calling Car-1104 Update

Breaking News – Variety Bush Bash Cancelled Due To Health Concerns!

Unfortunately the original Variety Bash for 2021 has been cancelled by the organising committee after discussions with Queensland Health with regards the Covid-19 Delta strain concerns, also a lot of competitors were from interstate and could not attend. The decision was not taken lightly, but given that 400 plus people would be moving around the country in remote areas the risk factor was just too high.

Provisionally at this stage a Mini Bash has been planned for 6-12 November running from Longreach to Fraser Island, further details will be available later.

Car 1104 was all gassed up and ready to roll and our 4 bash Amigos where champing at the bit to Rock and Roll, they have had a few conciliatory bevy’s and are now waiting to see what evolves, after all the hard work and build up it has been bit of a letdown for them, but hopeful all will end well. We hear Chief Mechanic Bob is double checking the Air Conditioning!!! as it will be a bit HOT outback in November.

We were to hold a thank you function for all the sponsors and suppliers who assisted us in getting the car ready, on Saturday 21st August but we had to cancel it due to Covid concerns, we will hold another function as soon as all settles down.

We still hope to have the car on show around the district and attend any functions or events that arise and on the upside it will give us more time to raise further funds for the cause.

The club would like to give a great big “THANK YOU” to everybody who has assisted us in anyway and we look forward to completing the Bash one way or another and a big thanks to Kerri for all her help (Kiss, Kiss) given the timelines etc.

Keep safe on the Roads and give Car 1104 a toot on the horn whenever you see her around! We will have more news in the October edition.
Regards Lion Trevor