A Lot Of Bagged Up Dog Poo!

Attention Needed At Yarrabilba Bus Stops

Recently it was brought to our attention by long time bus driver, Rod Ades, the amount of rubbish building up in and around the rubbish bins at the Bus Stops on Yarrabilba Drive.

Comments were made that “the three Rubbish Bins from the bottom of Yarrabilba Drive had not been emptied for over three months now! Nothing has changed, the bins are full and rubbish is all around the base of the bins, including a lot of bagged up dog poo! It is a health issue as these bins are right next to the Bus Stops where people sit to wait for a bus!” It was also noted that the situation had been reported to the Logan City Council by various people but for a long time nothing was done. So we were asked to investigate.

We discovered that the council had recently changed contractor and that the route was still being learned. We were also informed by Translink that a Maintenance Request could be placed (taking up to 10 working days to address).

Anyway, we are happy to report that the situation has been resolved with recent comments that “the other week we got some action and all the bins were emptied, and they have a man at 5.00am walking along picking up rubbish on the foot paths and nature strips!”. This is great news!

Thank you Rod for notifying of the situation and to Logan City Council for their prompt attention!

If you have any issues in the local area, please contact the council on 07 3412 3412.

There is also, on the Logan City Council website (logan.qld.gov.au), a ‘Report A Missed Bin’ button where you can inform when a bin has been missed for collection, as well as a ‘Waste And Recycling’ button for all types of waste disposal.