“An Honour To Shave My Head”

ready to shave Erin Mooney’s head
Joseph Shoard (son-in-law) & Garry Alterator (Welfare Officer Logan Village RSL Sub Branch) at the ready to shave Erin Mooney’s head

Erin’s Cold Ears Worth It For Best Friend Nellie

What a day! I’m still so overwhelmed by the generosity of everyone. It is rather cold around the ears!!
Twenty-one years ago I promised my dearest friend Janelle (Nellie) Kennedy that one day I would shave my head in her honour. Nellie passed away from breast cancer on 29th July 2000. She was diagnosed in the February of 2000 and five short months later was gone. I was going to do it last July on the 20th Anniversary but due to Covid we had to postpone.
Nellie’s daughter Elle Kennedy was there on the day, but Skye was unable to attend. Scott (Scotty) Kennedy, Nellie’s husband, was there in thought as well.

Erin Mooney before her shave
Joseph Shoard (son-in-law) & Garry Alterator (Welfare Officer RSL Sub Branch) holding their shaved hair with Erin Mooney before her shave

The loss of Nellie was devastating, her children were only toddlers as were my three at the time. I met Nellie in 1989, we lived in a block of units 2 doors from one another. My family moved to Jimboomba in 1992 and then Nellie and her family moved to the same street as us shortly after. Our families did everything together, until Nellie and her family moved to Springfield in early of 2000. Not long after they moved she fell ill.
I spent as much time as I could with her and her family before she was taken from us all. Still to this day, I think of her often and she still remains by best and dearest friend.
We have raised just over $20k, my head shave alone was $10K. The other $10k was made up from donations on the day and lots of raffles. My aim was to raise $5k, then when I reached that before the event had even taken place, I thought “Wow, I might get to $10k”. Never did I imagine that outcome!

Erin's Big Shave

About a week before the event it started to hit home at what I was about to do. I was very, very emotional every time I thought about it! The day itself is partly a blur (maybe from a few drinks for ‘dutch courage’) but it was so moving and emotional to be honouring Nellie in this way, and especially from all the love and support I received on the day. While having my head shaved, all I could do was think of Nellie and the wonderful time we had spent together. After it was finished and I realised how much we had raised for Breast Cancer Network Australia (BCNA), it hit really hard. When I got home and took a look at myself in the mirror, I knew I had finally fulfilled my promise to Nellie.

It is a very strange feeling to have no hair, to wear a beanie is so strange as it just sticks to your head and you almost have to prize it off!

Erin checking her reflection - After The Shave!
Erin checking her reflection – After The Shave!

Wow, there are so many people I need to thank: but first one would have to be my daughter Kayla Shoard, for all preparations leading up to the day as well as being MC for the day, what an amazing job she did. Her husband Joseph Shoard, for all his help and for shaving his head too, and to my grandchildren Lily and Fletcher for being there.
My daughter, Jordan-Lee Mooney and her partner Darren Redmayne, my son Michael Mooney and his wife Tiarni Mooney. Logan Village RSL and Steve Annells for allowing us to hold the event there and for shaving his chest!
Hairdresser – Sammy Donovan and her partner Josh, amazing job leading up to the day and on the day. Trish Janetzki for selling so many raffle tickets and partner Peter Hore for helping set up. Bree Peters for the amazing effort put in to get donations and her partner Garry Andrews for shaving his beard. John Leggatt for all his efforts. Mark and Stacey Egan and Scott and Emily Blinco for serving up the most delicious roast night. Bakers Delight Loganholme for donating snacks and rolls for the day. Indigo Dusk for the live music. The Sweet Life for the cupcakes. Chad and Sandy Bolt for the fairy floss. Yoyo Carnes for the amazing face painting. Elle Kenndey for the help and support. Garry Alterator for shaving his head. Greg Blinco for his help and support. Maybe last but certainly not least the amazing bar staff, Lisa and Roley.
Thanks to all the people that attended and donated so generously. Without all these people, and I’m sure I have probably missed some, the day would not have been such an overwhelming success.

By Erin Mooney

Erin's Big Shave
Family photo (l to r): Michael Mooney (son), Tiarni Mooney (daughter-in-law) Joseph Shoard (son-in-law) with Fletcher Shoard (grandson) on shoulders, Kayla Shoard (daughter), Jordan-Lee Mooney (daughter), Elle Kennedy & her daughter Tayah (Nellie’s daughter & grand-daughter), Erin Mooney with Lily Shoard (grand-daughter) on lap