Seven Times

A Story Of Domestic Violence

CTM Productions and Manakai Entertainment’s short drama, Seven Times will be showcased at a PREMIERE/ DV CHARITY FUNDRAISER EVENT at Limelight Cinemas Ipswich on Sunday 18th July 2021 with red carpet arrivals commencing at 4pm.
Following the red-carpet experience, Nicolle Edwards CEO & Founder, RizeUp Australia, along with Executive Producer/ Concept Creator, Monica Sanguigno will shed a light on the ongoing Domestic Violence issues in society and chat about the importance of the Seven Times story. Following the screening, there will be a Q&A Session with Key Creatives & selected Cast. $5.00 from every ticket purchased to the event and proceeds of the raffle will be donated to RizeUp Australia.
Seven Times was filmed over 4 days from 18-21st January 2021 at various locations between Ipswich and Gatton. The 30 strong cast and crew were made up of professional filmmakers, who all volunteered their time to make this short film, that sheds a light on the struggle one woman endured in an abusive relationship.

Seven Times tells the story of mother, Sonia Romano (Anna McMahon) who has being subjected to years of drug fuelled violent abuse at the hands of her husband Dominic Romano (Daniel James). We take you on a journey of what she endured by this man. Finally, she made the decision to escape and leave him, so she could give herself and her two daughters, Bianca Romano (Sabrina Sanguigno) and Bella Romano (Remidee Hayes) the hope of survival and a new of life, free of Domestic Violence.
Inspired by true events, the goal of Seven Times is to spread awareness about Domestic Violence and its impact, giving hope that you can escape an abusive and toxic relationship.

Seven Times had an exceptional team of filmmakers with extensive credentials, that not only contributed their wealth of experience, but valuable time to this production. These include Cinematographer Andrew Conder (Pirates of the Caribbean, The Bureau of Magical Things, Picnic at Hanging Rock, Peter Pan and Scooby Doo), Cinematographer Col Larsen (Pirates of the Caribbean, Chronicles of Narnia and Ghost Ship), world renowned Visual Effects Editor Bill Missett(Harrow, Crank, Once Upon a Time in Mexico, iZombie, Rendition, Burn Notice)
and Director Ashlee Jensen (Project Eden Vol1, 500 Miles).

Executive Producer and Concept Creator, Monica Sanguigno said, “The story is based on my own first-hand experience with Domestic Violence. It took me seven times before I left my abusive husband. The script is “hard hitting” and “powerful” and I hope it can change people’s perception of abuse and the culture around it. Through this film, if we can help one person make a choice to escape an abusive relationship, then we have succeeded in conveying our message”.

The entire short film was funded by donations via Indiegogo and volunteer contributions from businesses and the public, all promoted via Social Media.
Director, Ashlee Jensen said “The message and what this film stands for, really resonated with me as I am a survivor of Domestic Violence myself. To get out of that and begin the healing process is why I wanted to give my time and knowledge. It can begin those conversations, shed some light and help somebody else or even just help other people who have never experienced it understand”.
Many of the cast and crew felt so passionate about the project, and the need to shed a greater light on Domestic Violence, that they gave many weeks of their time, to bring this story based on true events to life.
Seven Times is to be showcased at Film Festivals, both domestically and internationally from mid 2021 and plans are in the pipeline for it to be developed into a TV series.

Sunday 18th July 2021 at 4pm