Good Fences Make Good Neighbours

Fences are the main cause of disputes in our neighbourhoods

Fences Are The Main Cause Of Disputes …

Usually, being neighbourly is easy but sometimes, relationships can turn, particularly when noise, dividing fences and trees are involved.
Fences are the main cause of disputes in our neighbourhoods.
Disagreements usually come about when fences between properties need to be built, fixed or taken down.

If your neighbour wants to build or fix a fence on a common boundary and you are renting, refer them to the real estate or property agent.
If you own your property, the law says you need to contribute to the cost of the build or repair if the fence is on a common boundary. Contributions are usually divided equally.
If your neighbour wants more work than is necessary for a sufficient dividing fence, they must pay the extra amount.
Before work starts, it is a good idea to write down details about the fence, how it will be built or repaired, and the cost involved.
Then, complete the Queensland Government’s Notice to Contribute for Fencing Work, sign it and ask your neighbour to sign it.
Once this agreement is signed, you can seek money from your neighbour. Also, your neighbour cannot have the fence removed.

Should you and your neighbour not agree, consider approaching the Queensland Civil and Administration Tribunal.
Sometimes, disputes arise when someone damages a fence. If you allow someone on your property and they damage the fence, repairs are your responsibility.
If your neighbour allows someone on their property and they damage the fence, repairs are your neighbour’s responsibility.

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