Parties, Police And The Law

Parties, Police And The Law

Tips To Keep Your Celebration Drama-Free

The festive season is fast approaching, with parties, BBQs and other get-togethers becoming more commonplace.
Keep your celebration drama-free by following these tips offered by Logan’s community legal centre, YFS Legal (Youth and Family Services Legal).

Firstly, check the Queensland Government’s Movement and Gathering Direction.
At the time of writing, a maximum of 40 people can gather in a home or in an outdoor setting such as a public park.
You must practise physical distancing as much as possible. This means avoiding hugs, kisses and handshakes and keeping at least 1.5 metres away from people with who you don’t live.

Secondly, check your noise levels.
Police have the authority to issue a noise direction at any time of the day or night, forcing you to stop making noise.
If you don’t follow the direction, you can be fined and your music equipment can be taken away.

Thirdly, keep an eye on underage drinking.
People under 18 years of age can drink on private property, but they must be supervised by an adult.
Police can enter your home and take your alcohol if they believe the adult supervision is not good enough.

Finally, remember the blood alcohol limit.
If you have an open driver licence, you cannot drive if your blood alcohol reading is more than 0.05.
If you are on a provisional or learner licence, you cannot have any alcohol in your system.

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