Logan Village Yarrabilba Police News For December


Operation Own It – Putting The Spotlight On Road Safety
Logan Police are putting the spotlight on road safety as part of a new local initiative.
Operation Own It has been launched as part of a proactive campaign as Logan has so far recorded the largest increase in road fatalities of any police district in the state with 19 lives lost so far this year- 16 more than 2019.

Every day, road crashes devastate the lives of Queenslanders and take an enormous toll on families and communities. The number of lives lost and people seriously injured in crashes on Queensland roads continues to rise.
Road crashes are the second leading cause of fatalities and hospitalised injuries in Australia. The top five causes of fatal crashes in Australia (often referred to as “Fatal Five” behaviours) are Distraction, Drink Driving, Speeding, Fatigue and Unrestrained behaviours.

The Christmas period is traditionally a busy time on the roadways, so we are asking you to consciously think about how you drive every day. Make road safety the priority for you and your family.
• Road safety is everyone’s responsibility
• Put road safety first every trip, every time
• Ensure your vehicle is properly maintained
and safe to drive
• Know and follow the road rules every trip
Be courteous to fellow road users even if they are not, be patient, leave plenty of distance and think about the needs of others – learner drivers, older road users, caravans, trucks, bicycles and motorcycles.
Putting road safety first should be your priority every time you use the road. Regardless of whether you’re a driver, passenger, pedestrian, bicycle rider, motorcycle rider, or a combination of these.

Speed and inattention are the main contributors to the majority of serious and fatal crashes and by driving to the speed limit and even slow when conditions change you ensure you and others will be safe if something goes wrong – wet weather, debris on the road, traffic jam, blind corners, bends in the road, pot holes, car on the wrong side of the road, sudden appearance of a bicycle/pedestrian in front of you.

It is essential you are concentrating at all times when driving. Distractions are causing serious and fatal crashes – using mobile phones, changing radio channels, looking at in car navigating systems, talking to / looking at others in the car, tiredness and fatigue. Remember to always keep your mind on your driving.

By Nathan BOOTH – OIC Sergeant
Logan Village Yarrabilba Police Station