Building Skills And Friendships

Dyllan Murphy
Dyllan Murphy

Independence Is The Key To Dyllan’s NDIS Goals

Dyllan Murphy is an active 12-year-old, who is building on his independence and emotional skills with National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) supports.
Since accessing the NDIS three years ago, Dyllan is accessing occupational therapy, physiotherapy and psychology, and has just started to do hydrotherapy. Dyllan’s mum, Anne, said these supports are helping Dyllan at school and with his goal of increasing his communicating skills and building friendships.
“I always had trouble looking for a paediatric psychologist, and now they are helping big time,” Anne said. “Now Dyllan can express his emotions – if he is feeling sad or happy, and how to control them. If he gets upset at school, instead of getting emotional and not knowing how to express what he is feeling, he is learning how to cope in situations and who to talk to.
“Dyllan also had goals to make friends and know how to join in and communicate with his peers. At the moment he loves playing his favourite game online with a couple of school friends. He’s more social, and he loves his PlayStation, Xbox and iPad. We also go on bushwalks now, and Dyllan has started doing personal training sessions to help with fitness.”
Access to a physiotherapist is also helping Dyllan, who has an intellectual disability, with his physical strength.

Dyllan taking part in hydrotherapy
Dyllan taking part in hydrotherapy with physio in pool

“The physio is great as they work around him and don’t give up. They move onto the next thing, so they help with his balance, core and strength.”
Anne said it’s important for Dyllan to continue his therapies as he gets older. “We want him to be more independent so he knows how to take care of himself when he is older, with shopping, cleaning, cooking etc.,” she said. Dyllan received assistance to apply for and implement his NDIS funding from Carers Queensland’s NDIS Local Area Coordination Partner in the Community Program for the Brisbane region. Anne said once they started accessing the NDIS she was amazed at how much support was available for Dyllan.
“The support he’s receiving is helping tremendously. I never knew what sort of help was out there before the NDIS.”
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