YSSC’s First Sports Carnival

Teacher Mr Micheal Beattie
Teacher Mr Micheal Beattie taking part in Teacher vs Student 100m Relay

A Great Foundation Day Of Sport For Students

On Friday the 18th of September, Yarrabilba State Secondary College (YSSC), held their foundation athletics carnival. The school’s four Sporting Houses; Lorikeets, Kingfishers, Rosellas and Osprey were in fierce competition as the winners of the 2020 Carnival get to decorate the school’s grandstand in their house colours for the 2021 Carnival.

YSSC - Sports Carnival -Lorikeets
YSSC – Sports Carnival -Lorikeets
YSSC - Sports Carnival -Kingfishers
YSSC – Sports Carnival -Kingfishers
YSSC - Sports Carnival - Rosellas
YSSC – Sports Carnival – Rosellas
YSSC - Sports Carnival - Ospreys
YSSC – Sports Carnival – Ospreys

The track events started at 9:30am with the 200m Sprint, followed by the 800m, the 100m and the 400m Races. The final track events were House vs House and Teacher vs Student 100m Relays around the oval. Other events that students optionally competed in throughout the day were Shotput, Javelin, Discus and High Jump. Many students set foundation records for athletics in all events.
After the points were added for the day (Not final Scores, to be determined at start of Term 4), Lorikeets ended up on top, dominating the competition with participation, enthusiasm and good team spirit. I can’t wait to see what 2021 has to bring to the YSSC Athletics Carnival!

by Dustin McGuire (YSSC Year 7 Student)