The Art Of Depression

Who Decides What’s Normal?


“And those who were seen dancing were thought to be insane by those who could not hear the music” Friedrich Nietzsche.
I’m Bipolar, I’m ADHD, I’m OCD with a PHD. More and more people are given abbreviations without needing a HECS Loan because they’re ‘not normal’ who decides what that is anyway?!. Many of the world’s great Artists lived with and worked through mental illnesses and deep depression, some survive it some don’t such as Kurt Cobain frontman for Nirvana for instance, which leads me to wonder, which came first, the art or the depression.
Art surpasses and short circuits social conditioning and programming making it medicine for the soul to those that are suffering any one of a multitude of mental disorders commonly diagnosed in our society.
Subliminal messaging through symbolism is often used to communicate what would otherwise be socially unacceptable but through art is instead celebrated and as such, Art has the ability to transcend time and social constructs. This language offers an alternative perception of reality for millions of people sometimes simultaneously through music.
Art is powerful, it’s magical, it’s another world. It’s a world that holds no judgement, a place where depression finds its best language through creativity and can be expressed safely in a way that’s socially acceptable and digestible by mainstream culture.

Stay chill my friends

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